We enjoy working at Sygris

Sygris Manifesto

At Sygris we are proud of the work we do and of having been recognised and certified by Great Place To Work.

We are restless and innovative

We like risk. It allows us to be pioneers in meeting the latest needs and differentiating ourselves from our competitors.

We are team players

We are proud of everyone’s contribution to the project, but we know that only as a team can we achieve our goals.

We are hungry for business

We never get comfortable. We always want more.

We lead with passion

We always seek empathy with our customers. We love to transmit enthusiasm.

We build trust

We create powerful bonds by fulfilling our promises and giving satisfaction to our clients and external collaborators.

We are agile and versatile

We are continuously transforming ourselves to grow in every way in order to remain relevant in the market.


Sergio Brihuega

“I’m very fortunate. Every step in my professional career has allowed me to be here with the best possible team. Today I can say I have managed to combine two of my greatest passions: sustainability and technology. I like to believe we are helping make the world technologically more sustainable. That’s Sygris.”

Join our team

We love to work with a diverse team of people, bringing fresh and new ideas, while also sharing the same values. Want to be a part of Sygris?