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Sygris is


Sygris allows you to take over control and create applications to manage and process data according to your needs.
To what end? Very simple: to make your work easier.
And in any area of your company.

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Sygris was created in response to the needs of multinational companies for technological solutions in the field of Sustainability and is currently present in all areas of companies, enabling their complete digitalisation beyond standard software suites.

We have our own Low-Code development platform that allows us to develop Data Management Systems with a new customised development method for deployments in the SaaS-Cloud environment. We have managed to reduce by more than 90% the development times and costs of traditional customised solutions and those of our competitors. The efficiency of management by our customers has improved by 200%.


Sygris Strenghts


Collect and analyse all your data

This is the most direct way to get the information you need, through questionnaires and imports.


A highly developed calculation engine

It facilitates the development of complex algorithms that provide solutions to different cases.


Dynamic interfaces can be created

It allows you to exploit the information in an agile way through reports, graphics, scoreboards..


Flexibility and improvement in your projects

It grows and evolves as the business requires it, adding functionalities sequentially.


Workflows and business logic

It has the functionalities to replicate the flows and business logic of your processes.


Integrate Sygris with other systems

You can cross-reference and exploit information from different data management systems.


Connect from anywhere

Sygris is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. No need for a local installation.


Access a centralised system

It allows you to integrate the areas of your organisation into a single, centralised and secure system.


Sygris Values


Our technology is so versatile that it allows you to create any type of application or data management system. We are curious and innovative. We like risk because it allows us to be pioneers and differentiate ourselves from our competitors.


We are proud of what everyone brings to the project, that's why we reach our goals. We design the product according to your needs. We define and develop your idea.


We are owners of Sygris. Expert consultants in our own technology. We accompany the client throughout the process. We are hungry for business. We never settle.


Sygris is adaptable and intuitive. It is 100% flexible and customisable. We provide solutions to all industry sectors. We are agile and versatile.


We work with the big players. We guarantee the veracity of information in all processes. We are not recommended by chance.


Information security. We comply with the highest security standards in the market.