Your best Low Code

Start working with your data

Sygris platform helps you develop business workflows in a fast and flexible way using Low Code. We identify your needs, unify your data and show the information in real time through interactive interfaces. We are leaders in data automation.


Why Low Code? Advantages


We build you applications quickly and efficiently

50% reduction in development costs

Save thousands of Euros in investment costs

Accessibility thanks to Low Code

Capacity to develop all profiles

Data intelligence

We have a highly advanced calculation engine

We help you evolve and grow

Add functionalities sequentially

Reliability of processes

We guarantee the veracity of information

At Sygris we combine business and technology

The people responsible for business consulting are those who develop the applications thanks to our Low Code platform.

We work with millions of data points, complex algorithms, Data Science tools, automation… delivered through dynamic and interactive interfaces.

We offer comprehensive data management


Sygris captures large amount of qualitative and quantitative information from different sources, which is structured and ordered


Process and provide intelligence to data, digitalised in a manner customised to your business flow

Management and visualisation

Information is shown in real time and able to be managed through interactive interfaces

The best put their trust in us

We are the creators and owners of the Sygris platform. That’s why our clients know they can place their trust in us. It’s no coincidence they recommend Sygris.

Over 300 projects

We provide solutions to the challenges companies face in capturing, managing and visualising information from different business areas: Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety, IT, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Human Resources, Suppliers, etc.

Operating in over 30 countries

Every day over 50,000 users around the world use the Sygris Low Code platform for the continuous management of their business processes.

European technology

We are a 100% owned and operated Spanish company. We decide our next move.