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How to have your non-financial information verified and integrated into a single environment.
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“With Sygris we developed a Golden Source of the ESG information of the Group, with personal and effective assistance”.
María J. Sánchez, Legal Information Manager, CaixaBank

The Challenge

Society demands that companies be responsible and transparent. Holistic corporate communication requires ESG information that is ordered, structured and rigorously governed. To achieve this, the company needed to:
Eliminate inefficient manual processes. The aim was to capture ESG information through a robust and automated process incorporating effective controls and improving efficiency.
ESG information was decentralised and heterogenous. The key was to have a tool to capture and organise information and have the flexibility to adapt to new requirements.
The process involved a large number of people in the organisation. They needed an application that could respond to their particular needs for the data management, exploitation and control.
They also needed a more agile auditing process with complete traceability of the process and their data.

The Challenge

Manage ESG information more efficiently in a complex environment
The traceability of information allowed us to facilitate verification. The integration of data into a single system helped improve the efficiency of the process.

What we did


We configured the information and created, modified and updated all indicators. In this way all captured data is now stored in a single database, making it easy to search or filter data using an interface.


We create a system that allows Caixabank to review all information, including validation of third parties (to ensure their quality). What’s more, makes it easier to identify the trail of people who have worked with it (what is known as data traceability).


We generate online reports to use the information. This also includes the possibility to download these reports for exploratory data analysis and data modelling.


Sygris allowed the creation of reports in an intuitive and user-friendly environment. The tool is flexible and agile, meeting all the needs of the client with highly competitive development times. The solution also allows users to incorporate modifications and changes autonomously.

Optimised time and resources dedicated to reporting, allowing all relevant information to be collected within two weeks to comply with Law 11/2018 or the GRI reporting framework.

Sygris not only automated the input of information into the system online, but also helped order, classify and create a organisational structure facilitating data search.

Thanks to its validation systems, Sygris became their most reliable data management tool. Why? The solution allows them know all details (such as the evolution, evidence, etc), include comments and to create a space for conversations which is searchable and traceable.

Sygris created a single and centralised environment in which users work in their role and with their corresponding access permits. All with very clear functionalities.

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