Sygris Audits

The security of having everything under control

Sygris Audits facilitates the recording and exploitation of information on the different audit processes your company goes through.

Audit customisation

Define the audit through an editable questionnaire that collects all the information and assigns responsible persons, allowing the customisation of elements for a better adaptation to the needs that arise in the process.

Centralisation of information

Collects all the information (characteristics, non-conformities, comments, observations, etc.) in the same place, generating a complete audit file, in which you can also see the audit score.

Export of audit files

Exploit the data in the form of tables and graphs, with the possibility of exporting the audit sheet in PDF.

Action plan creation

Generates an action plan with the aim of improving the points that have been negatively assessed.

Committed to the highest standards
IFSR, SAASB, GRI and CDP Indicators
100% Secure application
100% Secure application

Comprehensive management and improvement of audits with Sygris

Management and creation of audits in central repository

View all audits, delete audits, create new audits and assign participants to audits in an audit repository.

Design action plans for score improvement

Improve your scores by designing action plans.

Detailed control and audit tracking

Have more control over your audits: track compliance with indicators, record observations and non-conformities, attach evidence and identify opportunities for improvement.

Monitoring of post-audit action plans

Sygris Audit Management allows you to monitor the action plans required to remedy audit non-conformities, including responsible parties and deadlines.

Audit reports

Export, in an orderly and grouped way, in PDF format, a standard report with all the information of each audit process: strengths and good practices, non-conformities, observations, opportunities for improvement, safety issues, environmental issues and scores.


Sygris Audits is a tool designed, configured and developed based on 15 years of collaborative experience with major market players.

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