Sygris ESG Carbon Footprint

Emissions management

Calculate the three scopes of your carbon footprint, create decarbonisation plans and simulation scenarios.

Comprehensive calculation of GHG emissions

Calculate direct (Scope 1), indirect (Scope 2) and indirect emissions outside your company (Scope 3) according to the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and your own methodologies.

Updated Library of Emission Factors

Sygris ESG Carbon Footprint provides a library of emission factors (DEFRA, EPA…), regularly updated, allowing the calculation under any carbon measurement standard (GHG Protocol, ISO 14064,etc.).

Management of decarbonisation plans

Follow up on decarbonisation plans, once the emissions emitted by your company have been calculated, and visualise the reduced emissions of tCO2 equivalent in an aggregated manner.

Committed to the highest standards in carbon measurement and reporting
GHG Protocol compliant and ISO 14066 and 14064 compliant.

GHG Protocol

ISO 14066 ISO 14064

Global Reporting 

Customers who trust us

How does Sygris ESG help you calculate your carbon footprint?

Efficient Data Capture and Management

Capture the necessary information for carbon footprint calculation in a simple way, importing it from Excel, consumption questionnaires or integration with other solutions.

Integrated information in the value chain

Facilitates the submission of ESG data by different stakeholders through questionnaires and integrates all this information into a single platform.

Improve ESG Corporate Reputation

Publish the report on your corporate website. Improve your company’s corporate reputation and positioning in the eyes of customers, suppliers and society in general. Transparently show your organisation’s commitment to the Net Zero objective.

Ensures the success of your audits

The traceability and reliability of the data allows audits, both internal and external, of the data, methodologies and emission factors used to calculate the carbon footprint, within the same platform.

Compliance and transparency of environmental standards

Ensure compliance with the GHG Protocol, ADEME, IEA, IPCC, ISO 14064 or the regulation that governs your company; improve transparency and avoid reputational damage.

More than 15 years of experience

Tool designed, configured and developed based on 15 years of experience as technology partners of the main IBEX 35 companies. You can always count on our support service for any queries you may have.

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