Sygris ERM

Control and risk management with our ERM

Identify, assess and mitigate the risks associated with your business.

Comprehensive risk management

With Sygris Risk Management, you can manage all types of risks (strategic, financial, cyber, etc.) associated with your business processes, based on the parameterization of controls linked to each risk.

Three lines of defence system

Implement a three lines of defence system: the executor performs the control test, the maintenance manager supervises the actions and the internal audit ensures compliance.

Risk and opportunity assessment

Identifies opportunities and threats in different areas of the organisation through effectiveness assessment, residual risk and reporting.

Committed to the highest standards
IFSR, SAASB, GRI and CDP Indicators
100% Secure application
100% Secure application

Optimise risk management with Sygris ESG

Control testing and risk mitigation automation

Based on defined controls, areas and periodicity, automatically generates control tests to reduce probability and mitigate risks.

Analysis and evaluation in the risk matrix

Visualises and evaluates in the risk matrix the different risks detected, their potential impact and the likelihood of their occurrence.

Proactive implementation of preventive measures

Proactively implements preventive measures, improves decision-making based on up-to-date data and optimises risk mitigation actions.

Designs mitigation plans

Design and implement Action Plans to mitigate residual risks of specific processes.

Global Integration and Consolidation of Data

Reuse the collected and analyzed data to enhance other complementary modules, and configure the tool in multiple languages to consolidate information from all your international offices into a single platform.


Tool designed, configured, and developed based on 15 years of experience as technological partners for leading IBEX 35 companies. You can always rely on our support service for any questions you may have.

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With Sygris digitise and improve risk management

Other solutions


Facilitates the recording and exploitation of information on the different audit processes your company goes through.

Supplier Accreditation

Assess the ESG performance and compliance of your supply chain. 


Digitize the management of all your company’s non-financial information and comply with current regulations (Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD), GRI Indicators, European Taxonomy and CSRD).