Sygris Supplier Accreditation

Approve your suppliers under ESG criteria

Assess the ESG performance and compliance of your supply chain.

Risk criteria configuration

Configure the criteria for calculating the initial and actual risk of your suppliers.

Customised questionnaires

Request information from your suppliers through self-declaration questionnaires adaptable according to industry, type of supplier, etc.

Supplier action plans

Generate action plans and recommendations for suppliers at higher risk and follow up on them.

Audit to validate action plans

Audit questionnaires to ensure the reliability of your model and your action plans to prove their correct execution.

Committed to the highest standards
IFSR, SAASB, GRI and CDP Indicators
100% Secure application
100% Secure application

Audit and certify your suppliers against ESG criterio

Operational risk reduction

Reduce your company’s operational risk by aligning suppliers with your ESG strategy.

Evaluations and performance monitoring

Conduct regular assessments and ongoing monitoring to measure the ESG performance of your suppliers.

Centralised management and traceability

Manage the supplier certification process with full traceability and in a centralised manner at a global level.

Multilingual and global data consolidation

Configure the tool in multiple languages and consolidate information from your international locations on a single platform.

Grow and scale the tool at your own pace

It is a scalable solution that allows you to integrate the rest of the Sygris Solutions according to your needs, until you have total control of all the sustainability areas of your company on a single platform.


Sygris Supplier Accreditation is a tool designed, configured and developed based on 15 years of experience as technological partners of the main IBEX 35 companies.

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Approve your suppliers under ESG criterio

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