Sygris Sustainability Plan

Management of your ESG strategy

Identify the most relevant environmental, social and governance issues; define strategic objectives and manage your company’s sustainability plan.

Definition and monitoring of ESG objectives with associated KPIs

Sygris Sustainability Plan allows you to define each of the ESG objectives to be achieved, associate the necessary KPIs for their measurement and monitoring, and associate the projects and actions to achieve the established objectives.

ESG strategic management dashboard

Generates a management dashboard with all the information on the global strategy and monitors each of the actions and their contribution to the different objectives established.

Adaptability and dynamic modification of the sustainability plan

Modifies the strategy (strategic lines, objectives and actions) according to the progress of the plan; works with a dynamic and adaptable sustainability plan.

Committed to the highest standards
IFSR, SAASB, Indicators GRI, CDP, GHG Protocol compliant and ISO 14066 and 14064 compliant.
100% Secure application
ISO 27001 and Esquema Nacional de Seguridad

Key advantages of Sygris Sustainability Plan

Visualisation and monitoring of results and objectives

View aggregate results, progress and compliance with the plan, as well as the evolution of targets through the executive summary.

Analysis of targets related to the SDGs

Report by SDG: Analyses the information through the degree of linkage of the goals with the SDGs.

Real-time reporting

Generate reports on the status of the sustainability plan in aggregate and in real time. Reports can be downloaded in Excel, CSV or png format.

Effective communication and monitoring of tasks

Send e-mails, notices, etc. from the tool itself to each of the users who interact with the sustainability plan and monitor the fulfilment of the tasks.

Global data management and multilingual configuration

Optimize global data management with Sygris Sustainability Plan. Configure the tool in multiple languages and consolidate information from your international offices on a single platform.

More than 15 years of experience

Tool designed, configured and developed based on 15 years of experience as technological partners of the main IBEX 35 companies. You can always count on our support service for any queries you may have.

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