Sygris Waste Management

Simplifies waste management processes

Digitize the management of the waste produced and its destination, setting goals aligned with your business interests and the European Circular Economy Strategy. Track projects that contribute to their reduction or improve their management.
Reporting and registration of emissions and discharges

It reports and registers the emissions and discharges generated, establishing warnings and notifications according to the discharge limits established in the environmental licences.

Waste treatment management

Assigns waste treatment according to its destination and typology.

Calculation of KPIs

Calculates the KPIs associated with both the type of waste (hazardous, urban solid or special handling) and its management, by means of identification codes.

Evidence and reports of environmental incidents

Incorporate evidence of environmental incident investigations and generate reports to present to the Steering Committee or your stakeholders.

Committed to the highest standards

IFSR, SAASB, Indicators GRI and CDP

100% Secure application
ISO 27001 and Esquema Nacional de Seguridad

Optimizes the management of waste treatment processes

Personalised waste registration and management

Register and manage the waste generated in each centre/site, being able to personalise the identification aspects of each withdrawal according to the parameterisation you need.

Integration of LER Codes

It natively incorporates the LER codes of waste.

Interactive dashboard

Visualise and exploit all the information through an interactive dashboard.

Multi-language and international consolidation

Configure the tool in multiple languages and consolidate information from your international locations on a single platform.


It is a scalable solution, you can integrate it with the rest of the Sygris solutions according to your needs, complement it with Sygris Sustainability Plan and optimise the fulfilment of your ESG objectives.

More than 15 years of experience

Tool designed, configured and developed based on 15 years of collaborative experience with the main players in the market. You can always count on our support service for any questions you may have.

Customers who trust us

More than 15 years designing sustainability software

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