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How to create a System Plan that aligns with your business strategy.

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“With Sygris we have been able to manage the Systems Plan in an agile way, coordinating the participation with all the countries, and seeing the evolution of ASIS and TOBE”.

Rocío Serrano
Manager de Sistemas de Mapfretech

The Challenge

Mapfre had the necessity to represent the ASIS of its system plan and also be able to check the TOBE of the next 3 years.

However, they were confronted by several challenges:

Mapfre has a complex organizative structure (business, processes, macroprocesses, value chains and departments) and works in more than 20 countries.

Mapfre also has a huge quantity of information that is almost impossible to handle with. Due to this matter, it’s becoming continuosly obsolete.

Mapfre spent too much time asking for updated information to the different countries. It meant significant cost for the company.

There were problems of quality, traceability and cost. For this reason, they looked to the market for a solution that would allow them to digitize the process.

The Challenge

How to measure the ASIS and TOBE and see its evolution.

The traceability of the information facilitated verification. The integration of the data into a single system helped to improve the efficiency of the process.

What we did


We created an imputation system for KPIs and goals, where the local operation of each country could record the evolution of its actions included in the Global Plan. We asked them to highlight several goals (update, confiscate, register or replace solutions) and link it to Clarity projects.


From the objectives and the initial load of the existing ASIS in 2018 that Mapfre passed us, the system could calculate the TOBE of the next 3 years in real time. In addition, through the progress in the projects, the objectives were achived, converting the TOBE into ASIS and reducing the manual load of user data.


We spent 4 months to implement the entire model. The System plan consists of two main pages (ASIS and TOBE) and other four management pages of the plan, where admins can monitorize it, not only in real time but how it has evolved through the years.


With Sygris, Mapfretech has become a leader, setting the standard for the design and implementation of its System Plan.  

We were able to make all processes more agile, especially those related to oversight of objectives, as the tool is able to compile qualitative and quantitative data quickly and intuitively.

Now the company can know which actions it is undertaking and select those which best further its sustainability goals. The system offers much greater flexibility in incorporating new objectives as the company evolves.

We solved the problem of quality and traceability of the information and being able to visualize not only the current photo but all the historical evolution.

The system enables greater involvement by top management, both at the corporate level and in each country, providing an interface to oversee the evolution of the Sustainability Plan. By facilitating greater participation in the design of the Plan, everyone can see their concerns reflected in the Plan. The international manual work has been decreased.

Plans are now more real and accessible enabling the company to evaluate the circumstances of each country, identifying the risks and opportunities to every business area.

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