Responsible business

How to manage and monitor the enquiries of Telefónica stakeholders.


“With Sygris, Telefónica has automated the Management of the Responsible business channel, improving traceability and oversight of all enquires and complaints received. This has reduced our workload by 20%”.

Andrea Bua Gutiérrez,
Expert in Sustainability at Telefónica

The Challenge

Telefónica has always been dedicated to responsible communication, both inside and outside its organisation. Thus, it was essential to establish a Responsible business channel that is agile and well-organised, allowing us to see the status of complaints in real time.

However, the main problem was that Telefonica did not have a unified platform to collect and work with all the available information. Until then:

Telefónica managed all the information from concerns and complaints of its various stakeholders using Excel. Thus, the company could only collect data but not extrapolate them or update them easily.  

The procedures for complaints, communication and requests were conducted manually by email, making the process cumbersome and time consuming.

The calculation of the indicators included in company reporting were very limited.  

The Challenge

Poorly optimised communication channels

The traceability of the information facilitated verification. The integration of the data into a single system helped to improve the efficiency of the process.

What we did


The first step was to create an internal form on their website, connected directly to the Sygris data base. In this way, Telefónica was able to access updated information at any moment.


Secondly, we focussed on the Responsible business channel itself, creating a tool in Sygris that enabled Telefónica to:


– Determine if the complaints were valid. 

– Assign responsibilities to resolve the complaint.

– Communicate with different external users (and diverse sources).

– Automatically generate the KPIs necessary for reporting.


These changes brought many benefits for Telefónica in monitoring and managing complains from their stakeholders.

Above all, with Sygris the company reinforced its commitment to integrity and ethics by improving its Responsible business channel.

There were significant savings in cost/time. By unifying the process on a single online platform, the company was able to compile information automatically, as well as to include data from external sources.

Now, 100% of the information is available in Sygris. The classic Excel files are a thing of the past and users have access to data.

There was a 100% increase in the quality of data. Now, Telefónica has much more precise data, able to be verified by internal managers and external auditors.

Plans are now more real and accessible enabling the company to evaluate the circumstances of each country, identifying the risks and opportunities to every business area.

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