Sygris Reporting

Maximum control of your data to comply with CSRD law

From planning and capturing data… to communicating results.

One single sustainability software to help you manage your ESG reporting.

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Committed to the highest standards
IFSR, SAASB, GRI and CDP Indicators
100% Secure application
ISO 27001 and Esquema Nacional de Seguridad


Complies with CSRD and ESRS standards

Sygris Reporting helps you to comply with the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), based on ESG indicators, ESRS regulatory standards and the European Taxonomy.

New functionality
Report Builder:
Generate your ESG report in an automated way
Designed for CSRD compliance

Generate your reports from the CSRD taxonomy in the format required by law, ensuring full compliance.

Automatic tagging

When you insert an indicator in the report, the xHTML + iXBRL format is automatically generated, eliminating manual intervention.

Your report in web format

Allows you to export your ESG report in an xHTML web format that you can publish on an internal or external page to give visibility to your stakeholders.

Standards Master

Connects different regulatory and reporting standards, adapting to various regulations such as EINF, CSRD, SASB, GRI, etc.


Faster, more efficient audits

Sygris Reporting guarantees data reliability thanks to its traceability. From the moment it is captured, ESG data is recorded, which allows you to carry out sustainability audits on the platform itself, drastically reducing time.


End-to-end data management

From planning and data capture to analysis and exploitation, everything is recorded and centralised in the same tool, in real time.

Why Sygris ESG Reporting?


Integration capability

Digitise large amounts of data from different sources of information: existing management systems in your company, Excel, questionnaires…

Qualitative and quantitative data management

More than half of the CSRD indicators are qualitative. Sygris is the only solution that was born taking into account the complexity of qualitative data.

Carbon footprint calculation

It calculates the carbon footprint (scopes 1, 2 and 3) with the identified emission factors and exploits this information according to GHG methodology, ISO 14064-1 and ISO 14066.

Exploitation of information

Improve analytics and communication of information thanks to the creation of dashboards (tables, graphs, KPIs) and Sygris Reporting operating screens.


Scalable solution

This tool allows you to integrate them with the rest of the Sygris solutions according to your needs, until you have full control of all the sustainability areas of your company.


More than 15 years of experience

Tool designed, configured and developed based on 15 years of experience as technological partners of the main IBEX 35 companies. You can always count on our support service for any queries you may have.

Customers who trust us

More than 15 years digitising sustainability software