15 years digitizing business sustainability processes

We are the leading technology provider in the digitization of processes for large and medium-sized companies around the world. With Spanish capital and our own technology, we help manage all non-financial business areas, especially sustainability.


Sustainability is no longer just a desirable practice, but the big bet to create long-term value and compete in the global economy

Sustainability has been at the heart of Sygris’ business since 2008. 15 years of knowledge and experience and the trust of major companies (37% IBEX) that were pioneers in digitizing their sustainability areas, such as Telefónica, Mapfre, BBVA or CaixaBank.

We continue to create sustainability solutions for these and many other companies, such as Iberdrola, BBVA or Bayer. In addition, we are present in all other business areas of the company: Health & Safety, IT, Risk & Compliance, HR, Suppliers, etc., making their complete digitization possible.

More than 300 projects developed
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Over 50,000 users worldwide
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Presence in over 30 countries
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More than 12 different languages
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Our technology solutions

Sygris, the perfect tandem of Technology and Knowledge

Sygris is the only sustainability software on the market. It digitizes non-financial business data and processes according to the company’s needs, in a single, integrated, and scalable platform that expands to any ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) area such as risk management, waste, and carbon footprint calculation.


Sygris helps you report non-financial information in accordance with Law 11/2018, GRI standards, and SASBI.


Sygris helps you understand your own company's social impact, from wage gaps and gender parity to the impact of its actions and volunteerism.


Sygris helps you to fully digitize sustainability: from carbon footprints 1, 2, and 3, to waste management and occupational health and safety.


Sygris helps you with those complex tasks related to audits, certifications, supplier homologation or risk measurement. And to present governance indicators to comply with regulations.

Our most valuable asset: human capital

We are all very proud of the work we do at our company and to have been recognized and certified with the international Great Place To Work insignia.

We are restless and innovative

We like risk. It allows us to be pioneers in meeting the latest needs and differentiating ourselves from our competitors.

We are team players

We are proud of everyone’s contribution to the project, but we know that only as a team can we achieve our goals.

We are hungry for business

We never get comfortable. We always want more.

We lead with passion

We always seek empathy with our customers. We love to transmit enthusiasm.

We build trust

We create powerful bonds by fulfilling our promises and giving satisfaction to our clients and external collaborators.

We are agile and versatile

We are continuously transforming ourselves to grow in every way in order to remain relevant in the market.


Sergio Brihuega

I’m very fortunate. Every step in my professional career has allowed me to be here with the best possible team. Today I can say I have managed to combine two of my greatest passions: sustainability and technology.

I like to believe we are helping make the world technologically more sustainable.

That’s Sygris.

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