Our collaborations

Lines of collaboration

We have agreements with different national and European organizations that support our research, innovation and development in computing.

We are part of España Nación Emprendedora (Spain Entrepreneurial Nation)

Sygris adheres to the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy promoted by the Presidency of the Government. The High Commissioner counts on the support of Sygris to achieve the economic and social transformation of the country.
España Nación Emprendedora

Sygris is a Digitizing Agent red.es

Sygris Agente Digitalizador
Sustainability one

Category 1: Digital BI and Analytics solutions.

Category 2: Digital Process Management Solutions.

Description: Sustainability One allows you to cover, in a digital, automated and auditable way, the reporting needs of non-financial information required by Law 11 /2018 in Spain or the GRI international standard.

Solution price range: 995-2,995 euros/month.

Sygris and the Investigo Program


Investigo Program, for hiring young job seekers in carrying out research and innovation initiatives, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

Sygris and Red.es

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2020 Aid on Technological Development based on Artificial Intelligence and other digital enabling technologies, within the framework of the strategic action of digital economy and society of the state R&D program +i oriented to challenges of society and the state business leadership program in R&D&i.