Sustainability Plan

How to improve and expand the Sustainability Plan of your company.

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“Sygris has made the management of our Sustainability Plan more simple and agile. Corporate has been able to coordinate participation in all the countries where we operate”.

Miquel Vadell,
Director of Sustainability at Mapfre

The Challenge

For Mapfre, their Sustainability Plan 2019-2021 was the key to finding a balance between their environmental, social, economic and governance issues in the medium and long term.  

The aim was also to continuous monitor the company’s impact on society and to identify opportunities for sustainable development.

However, they were confronted by several challenges:  

The tool they were using was too inflexible: it did not meet all the needs of the company.

Periodic oversight of the Plan was very laborious, needing to be manually updated in each country. Thus, reporting made only once a year.

The Plan was static, unable to evolve or adapt to the ever-changing needs of society and of Mapfre. Once new actions were designed, it was difficult to re-evaluate or determine their impact.

Additionally, it was difficult for to align the general company directives with the needs and expectations of businesses operating in different countries.

The Challenge

How to measure the impact of your company in a global environment

The traceability of the information facilitated verification. The integration of the data into a single system helped to improve the efficiency of the process.

What we did


We created an imputation system for actions and KPIs where local operations in every country could register the evolution of their actions within the Global Plan.


Information is aggregate automatically and logically structured, thus providing a calculus to determine the value of Objectives, Lines of Actions, Factors and Focusses.


We designed an interface to visualise the complete data of the Plan. A This allowed the Steering Committee to view all the information easily and directly in real time.


With Sygris, Mapfre has become a leader, setting the standard for the design and implementation of its Sustainability Plan.  

We were able to make all processes more agile, especially those related to oversight of objectives, as the tool is able to compile qualitative and quantitative data quickly and intuitively.

Now the company can know which actions it is undertaking and select those which best further its sustainability goals. The system offers much greater flexibility in incorporating new objectives as the company evolves.

The system enables greater involvement by top management, both at the corporate level and in each country, providing an interface to oversee the evolution of the Sustainability Plan. By facilitating greater participation in the design of the Plan, everyone can see their concerns reflected in the Plan.   

Plans are now more real and accessible enabling the company to evaluate the circumstances of each country, identifying the risks and opportunities to every business area.

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